How Old Are You To Be Too Old To Rock And Roll?

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Maine housewives...around the 10 - 2 time slot listening to Bangor Maine Radio...liked to tune in to Z-62.

tim comer, bangor maine radio announcer.7-92 radio Tim Comer was the crooner that had the following of this audience segment. I was Z-62 radio news director and did weekend music shifts after college.

     The radio jacket Tim wore was embroidered with the expression "You are never too old to rock and roll?" He was in his early 50's at the time. Tim had goats, lived on a hobby farm with his wife and was trying to be somewhat self sufficient. But his on air Maine radio job was not like a job and he was good at it. In any product or service sale, your advertising has niche audiences but still overall, the larger the audience the better. Unless you are selling brain surgery tools, diamond cutting devices which are a pretty narrow market to tap in to.

     The Bangor Maine radio arbitron ratings kept tract of who was listening each quarter hour. Our station had listeners tuning in for news that had local sound bites of the new makers, not just rip and read AP copy for something happening two hours away down state. It was local marketing, coverage of the community alot like the blogging we do for Southern Aroostook/ Maine.

Tim had a following, played rock and roll and kept the big share of housewives happy.

Who is your audience? What is your target/ Who is listening, reading, watching, following you? If you played only music you liked, you would have a pretty small audience. If you only blogged on a narrow menu of topics, the same applies. Broaden your blog audience by blogging about what they want to read, see, hear around and give them what they want. Identify with the audience you serve and talk one on one to them, not at them or over their heads. What is the purpose of your blogging?

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