Real Estate Sales Representative with Westwood Metes & Bounds

When a house sells there are many many people who benefit from the sale of that house. From the

Realtor and the bank and the respective attorneys to the electric company, gas company, grocery stores

who are now supplying the food to the new homeowner to the insurance company who has written the policy

for that home. I could go on and on but I think you understand what I am trying to convey. So this integral

piece to the puzzle of our economy must be in place in order for the cycle to move. I was very glad and

relieved to hear that our government has not only extended but has also expanded the tax credit to

people who have owned their homes for at least five years as this helps the home owner who has owned a

first home to put it up for sale and then buy up to his next house therefore allowing a new home buyer to

buy his house and he will move on to buy another home. /This will feed a lot of people. We are all

connected and affected by what we do. If everyone could just really get that and do the next right things,


could you imagine?

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