The Crazy Lady Who Wouldn't Leave. Vancouver WA Real Estate

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Folks who are tempted to play tourguide...don't

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Vancouver WA Real Estate

The Crazy Lady Who Wouldn't Leave. Vancouver WA Real Estate

At the doorstep I gave my customary door knock and courtesy ring. It is a habit that I picked up during my first weeks as a realtor®. I always knock and ring the doorbell before I unlock the door. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to use the key because the seller opened the door and invited us in!

"Have you shown this house before?" she asked.

"Uh... No." I answered.

"Then you won't mind if I show you around." she said as she ushered us through the door and started her tour. She proceeded to take us through the cluttered house at a pace that would make snails looks like track stars. "This is the bedroom...this is another bedroom... this is the kitchen...this is..."

My clients peeked into a bathroom during her explanation of the second bedroom and were swiftly reprimanded for moving too quickly and asked to "pay attention."

My clients were annoyed and they completely checked out. There wasn't anything that anybody could have said that would have convinced them to consider buying that house. During the remaining home tours, they kept referring to it as the "Crazy Lady's House."

The sad part is that the home would have been perfect for them. The right size and layout. The right neighborhood and school district. The yard that they dreamed of. The problem is that they just can't get past the fact that it was the "Crazy Lady's House."

With that said, let me share a few thoughts with the sellers out there:

1. Most good realtors have toured thousands of homes in their careers.

2. You don't need to show them where the kitchen is, or point out the great room, or let them know that the bonus room could be used as an office, or a bedroom, or a den, or a... well you get the picture.

3. You make the buyer VERY uncomfortable and your presence will probably cause them to cross your home off of their list.

4. Listen to your agent when they talk to you about pricing, when they make suggestions about staging and de-cluttering your home, when they tell you how to successfully sell your home, and when they tell you to leave during buyer visits. You hired them for a reason. Take advantage of their expertise.

5. You don't want to be known as the owner of the "Crazy Person's House!" That would mean that the crazy person is you!

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