VREBC - A Success Story (in one girls opinion)

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Rankin Realty at Lake Powell, LLC

Living 17 miles west of the middle of nowhere the nearest major airport is just under 6 hours away. I like the middle of nowhere - Lake Powell - but the air travel thing can put a crimp in the fact I am sort of a techie (from way back - say Commodore 64). I've followed REBC on AR, FB, AG, Inman, and the like photos, stories and tips from the participants who share but have always felt a wee tinge of sadness at not being part of it.

VREBC logo

That sure changed on Tuesday of this last week with the RE Tomato guys putting on the virtual sister to REBC - VREBC.

Out of town clients kept me occupied in the morning, so several of the early sessions I missed. I got back to  17 miles west of the middle of nowhere before noon and quickly connected using the pre-registration email.

The Good. Lots of take aways for me.

Posterous (which i could sense was awesome but didn’t really “get”) is now comfy in it’s new home safely on my own, self hosted WP blog.

Apture is installed and I've take my first baby steps using it.

Oh yes, and I got to chat with Daniel Bates, who was, without his knowledge, the single person whose blog prompted me to start mine, to take the first jump off the cliff.

Stephan Swanepoel’s illustrations really “got” me and if nothing else, verified I’m on the right path.

My Linkedin profile now has a new place – a link in all of my emails.

The conversations in the tomato chat and on twitter were zippy and unexpectedly fun. I spent the entire afternoon, listening, watching, tweeting and chatting at a furious pace.

Of the sessions I attended:

One was spammy (please buy my stuff)

Two had technical difficulties but were solved and the class went on

The rest of the classes were SUPERIOR to anything I expected.

One class, out of 27, was canceled due to the technical issues.

I would love to see the ability to download the classes I missed or review ones like Danko's Posterous or Daniel Bates' Wordpress Plug-Ins.

All in all for a first time event, I thought it Rocked. Jim Cronin and crew did an great job and I am looking forward to the next one!



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