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I had a discussion with a agent this morning over coffee about the number of pages for inspection reports. He stated that all he really like to see as far as the number of pages are any where from 5-25 pages that includes a summary page at the front at the most.  Well I have found that I have been including to much information in my reports IE: type of flooring, wall covering, etc for every room in the house, any health or safety issues with photos. I felt I was providing a service for my clients with this information.  So I called a inspector friend and asked him what he is reporting on in his reports, and how many printed pages did he end up with including photos? He stated he ended up with 16 pages with summary. He stated that he only includes exterior foundation, roof, electrical condition. Interior, kitchen, bathrooms, electrical, windows/doors, and mechanicals. He stated that if he saw a safety issue in the other rooms he would call them out in the report.  So what say you to how many pages and what you are looking for in a inspection report? Thanks for reading my blog and may you have many happy sales and inspections. 

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Edward & Celia Maddox
The Celtic Connection Realty - Queen Creek, AZ

Thanks for the article.  We learn a lot from Active Rain Blogs.  Best Regards,

Nov 21, 2009 01:40 AM
Charles Buell
Charles Buell Inspections Inc. - Seattle, WA
Seattle Home Inspector

Mark, I say stick to your guns.  My reports are never, or VERY rarely less than 50 pages and most start at around 60 pages.  My inspection is about way more than what is necessary to make a decision about buying the house----that can be done in one page.  The Summary of Significant Findings usually amounts to about 6-8 pages and covers all the really big ticket, deal killer type issues as well as life/safety issues.  I prepare EVERYONE ahead of time to expect a long report and that it should not be any indication that there is a relationship between its length and the number of things wrong with it.  I have found by taking this educational approach no one ever hassles be about the reports length.

Nov 21, 2009 02:01 AM
Ed Newman
Alamo Infrared, LLC - Midvale, UT

We haven't printed out a report in 4 years - our clients don't want them and no one asks for them. We are all virtual online reporting and instantly uploaded before we leave the home. If we hear any negative feedback it is because the report may be too long, our average reports runs 20 pages with about 25% being summaries, so we try to keep the size down but still have enough factual content; . Of course large homes over 10,000' or homes over 75 years will be much larger. It must be working for everyone involved and business is growing.

Infrared energy audit reports are much longer - sometimes over 100 pages, but most of the home owners use the video infrared movie much more often that a static report.

Nov 21, 2009 04:07 AM
Troy Pappas
Safe House Property Inspections - Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Beach Home Inspector

Some of that "trivial" stuff you decide to leave out of the report can be useful to a homeowner. If your report is continually used by the homeowner as a reference guide for their home then you continue to be in their mind as well. It is surprising how many people can not tell you what kind of materials were used in the construction of their house. A detailed report can go a long way in educating a client about their home, not just their homes defects.

Nov 22, 2009 03:49 PM
Joshua Frederick
Home Inspector for ASPEC Residential Services, LLC - Defiance, OH
Home Inspector in Defiance & all of Northwest Ohio

Mr. Buell said it best and I couldn't agree more.  Of course the inspection information needs to be distinguishable (did I spell that right? Don't use that word everyday) from the other info........

Nov 23, 2009 12:53 AM
MC2 Home Inspections
MC2 Home Inspections LLC - Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis home inspection service 317-605-3432

My report is 32 pages long, 36 photos and has no summary. I make them read every sentence!

Nov 23, 2009 11:09 PM
David Helm
Helm Home Inspections - Bellingham, WA
Bellingham, Wa. Licensed Home Insp

My report is as long as it needs to be.  Some are very long, some are not.  Put in your report everything you feel is pertinent.  And yes, it is for the client and not for the realtor.

Nov 24, 2009 09:41 AM
Top To Bottom Inspection Services Denny L West

Its not the length of the report that matters its the information given that the client recives that matters .   my reports are at least 16 pages up to 26 some times more depending On findings . I take photos of everything and every room so that there is no question that I was in the bedroom closet or not . or the living room .   I take 3 to 4 hrs per inspection Do reports on site On C/D with all the photos taken during the inspection sometimes up to 250 photos . One day i spent 6 hrs on an old historical home  the client was going to renovate and wanted a photo of everything and a very detailed report / 600.00 later and 50 pages  he got what he wanted  558 photos to be exact . He is a very happy client .   And I picked up several referrals from him . I have never had a client complain about my reports to this day they are easy to read and understand .   thats the way I do things Hopes this helps  God Bless Happy New Years

Jan 02, 2010 01:31 AM