Thanksgiving 09

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Reflecting on Thanksgiving

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked the stock boy, 'Do these turkeys get any bigger?'

The stock boy answered, 'No ma'am, they're dead.'

Big Turkeys and Little Turkeys
If a big turkey is called a gobbler, what do you call a little turkey.
A goblet.

Young Simon was sitting in his grandmother's kitchen, watching her prepare the Thanksgiving meal.

'What are you doing?' Simon enquired.

'Oh, I'm just stuffing the turkey,' his grandmother replied.

'Wow, that's cool.' Simon remarked. 'Are you going to hang it next to the deer?'


Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  To our family, which is large, it would be the family reunion holiday.  All of my aunts and uncles and cousins and sisters and nieces and nephews would gather at the lucky host's home and we would feast.  Often our Thanksgiving gatherings would bring together nearly 100 people.  Many of which I would only see that one day each year.  The program was usually the same

•1.       Eat

•2.       Watch football

•3.       Eat

•4.       Play poker or black jack

•5.       Eat dessert

•6.       Play more poker

•7.       Eat turkey sandwiches

•8.       Go home and pass out from over indulgence

This is a simple formula to Thanksgiving success that I hope will be repeated again this year!

Comments (3)

Terry Meyer
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sound Realtors - Olympia, WA

Art,  This is exactly like my families Turkey day.  The only difference is that there is only 40-50 of us.  Have a great Turkey Day!

Nov 23, 2009 09:15 AM
Todd Clark - Retired
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

If you are watching a Lions game this Thanksgiving, I can tell you that will only lead to depression. (LOL)

 Todd Clark -

Nov 24, 2009 03:37 AM
Art Marine
Mortgage Solutions Financial - Lake Oswego, OR
Loans that Fit your Life

Even watching the lions is good for me :)

Nov 24, 2009 03:50 AM