A priceless Mid-Century Modern Collection!

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Ken Hedrick is a Northcrest Native and Mid-Century expert! He has lived in the Northcrest neighborhood since 2003 with his partner Hector Pages. Ken is my professional stager and the #1 reason my listings look so good (Sshhh... don't let this secret get out).

Recently I was drinking dirty martinis and drooling over his collection of unique art and Mid-Century Modern furniture. Each piece has a story. But the most prized collection would have to be the entire set of Eva Zeisel China he found back in 1984 before the MCM craze.

Me: Where did you find this immaculate Eva Zeisel set?

Ken: It was a normal day at the flea market I was digging through boxes when something white and shiny caught my eye in a box under the a vender's table. I only had $20 on me and the guy selling the set wanted $75 for the whole thing. So I had to borrow it.

Me: Did you have any idea what you had just bought?

Ken: I didn't have a clue. I bought the set because I loved the shapes and fluidity of the each piece. Plus they were in perfect shape not a scratch of chip on a single piece! There were no markings on them so for the longest time I had no idea what kind of treasures I had found. I took them to a couple antique dealers who made me some low-ball offers, but wouldn't tell me what they were so I figured they must have some kind of value.

Me: When did you figure out what your treasures were?

Ken: We were touring the Museum of fine art in Montreal. There was a partial Eva Zeisel ceramics set on exhibit that looked identical to my collection. I started screaming and jumping up and down. My gut instinct was confirmed!!

Me: So how much do you think your entire set is worth? You have every piece and they are all in perfect condition...

Ken: Let me put it this way, the coffee pot lid alone is worth $500....

Needless to say Ken will not be breaking out the Eva Zeisel dinnerware for Thanksgiving this week. It is packed up safely in a storage unit that where Hector can't break it!!

Part of Ken's Priceless Eva Zeisel Collections
Part of Ken's Priceless Eva Zeisel Collections
Ken, at home with his peaces from his Eva Zeisel collection.
Ken, at home talking about his Eva Zeisel collection.


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