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"Tis the Season" to be on L.A.'s Westside

Real Estate Agent with Rodeo Realty, Inc.

Beautiful Los Angeles is enjoying moderate temperatures and easing ever so gently into Fall.  Yes, the many cities and communities, of the Westside - including Beverly Hills and West Hollywood - are stringing white lights around palm trees and street lamps.  The shops on famed Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, are decorating to the nines in hopes of generating generous revenues in this hopefully recovering economy.  The stock market is hitting great highs and real estate sales appear to be on the upswing.  Now, if we can only find jobs for the 10 plus percent unemployed. My specialty, Real Estate, is buoyed by the extension of the first-time buyer credit, along with the new $6500 credit for existing homeowners wanting to purchase.  In that so much has been written about the credits, I will not go into any detail. Let us look forward to the economic boost the credits can offer in spearheading a revitalized economy.