Doing Business Durring the Holidays

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With all the events and family and feasts and fun associated with the holidays, is it worth it to work and try to make sales in December?  Or is it better to regroup and plan for the 2010 year?

First, let me say that my largest closing month ever was a December!!!!! Year end considerations can sometimes motivate customers to act rather than just wait.  In that particular December, there were some tax law changes that effected real estate so I ended up closing almost $10 Million in one month.

Another consideration is our competition.  They often are't working.  So there may be fewer deals around but there are also less of us looking for them.  A larger piece of a smaller pie is just as good as a small piece of a larger pie.  Don't be one of the agents or loan officers that sits back and uses the excuse that nobody is buying in simply is not true.

So, after reading this, map a strategy.  I would suggest 10 calls a day minimum.  Turn over some rocks and find some gold.  December can give you a great start for 2010.  Don't wait; go to work today.

Art Marine

Branch Manager

Academy Mortgage