Invoice Factoring is a funding tool to increase Cash Flow and Working Capital.

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Companies in all 50 States use invoice factoring when cash flow is low due to clients paying slowly. Factoring with us is fast easy and affordable. We provide working capital quickly and with unparalleled support.  Trust us to be your long term partner to ensure that all of your cash flow goals are met. We work with start-up companies and companies in all stages of development.  Factoring is a flexible funding tool to help your business grow by improving your cash flow and working capital without incurring new debt. 


Companies benefit from factoring in the following ways

•1.    ACCESS TO IMMEDIATE CASH: Receive cash advances on qualified receivables in less than 24 hours, so you can take care of operating expenses, expansion plans or other necessary expenses.

•2.    ELIMINATE BAD DEBT: Use a non-recourse program to assume the risk of bad debt, eliminating expenses from your income statement.

•3.    QUICKER CASH FROM A/R TURNS VIA PROFESSIONAL COLLECTIONS: Use our collections group to ensure collections are conducted in a professional, productive manner, so your staff can focus on higher value-added activities such as sales and marketing. You'll have access to more cash, because it'll be coming in faster and more regularly.

•4.    ELIMINATE OVERHEAD, INVOICE PROCESSING EXPENSES, AND COLLECTION COSTS: You eliminate the overhead cost of handling collections and greatly reduce current invoice processing expenses, because our collections group handles invoice processing, (including posting invoices to our on-line computer system), depositing checks, entering payments, collecting payments, and producing regular reports for your review.

•5.    INCREASE SALES BY OFFERING CREDIT TERMS TO CUSTOMERS: You can offer credit terms to your customers to increase your sales without negatively impacting cash flow.

•6.    TAP INTO UNLIMITED CAPITAL: Factoring is the only source of business financing that grows with your sales. As sales increase, more money becomes immediately available. Unlike traditional bank financing, factoring generally has no maximum limits to restrict growth.

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