The Forgotten Children's Fund Needs Your Help

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I am very excited to help this organization this year!

Original content by Sandy Noll
One of my favorite charitable organizations is the Forgotten Children's Fund and it's that time of year again.

The North Pole is gearing up and The Forgotten Children's Fund North Pole is no exception and needs as many Elves as possible to help brighten the day for hundreds of children and their families.

Here's how it all began:

I had the opportunity to volunteer a few years ago at the North Pole wrapping and preparing gifts. Then on Christmas Eve, I along with Santa and 5 other Elves delivered food and gifts to several families. I can tell you this was a very moving experience. To arrive at someones home with boxes of food and coats and toys delivered by none other then Santa himself, put a smile on EVERY child's face. Tears flowed easily that day for everyone. Tears of joy at knowing we had just made a difference in the life of a child who might have received nothing!

I remember at our last stop, a single mother of three, couldn't thank us enough for having brought her son a bike. Many of these families do not live in the safest of neighborhoods and her son's bike had been stolen and that was all he had. She could not afford to buy him a new one so he just sat and stared out the window hoping his bike would be found. It was a heart warming feeling to know we brought a little hope to their lives.

My request for you is that you reach out and help this organization. I know times are tough and money is tight for everyone, but look deep into your heart and I believe you will find a way to support this extraordinary organization. Everything they provide is done so with donations from people just like you. Be it a monetary donation, time spent wrapping and preparing gifts, volunteering at the food or bike drives or delivering gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it's all important and you are needed. When the day is done, you can take comfort in knowing you just made life a little better for a child who really is having a tough time for one reason or another!

For information on how you can help, visit the Forgotten Children's Fund website. Once on the website click on events.

I promise
, you will not be disappointed you helped in any way. There is no greater joy then bringing a smile to a child's face!

Sandy Noll
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