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Attraction - It's the law!

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In two more days we will celebrate another Thanksgiving.  Over the past three years, many in our business, as well as in many other professions as well, have watched while our home equity, savings, investment and retirement accounts, reduced substantially in value.  Under such circumstances, it's easy to lament such losses but don't fall into that trap.  The law of attraction tells us that what we think about, we attract.  If we are thinking about what we've lost, we attract more loss.  If we think about lost business, we lose more business.  If we focus on lost assets, we lose more assets.  On the other hand, if we focus on what we want, and continuously affirm we will get it, then we attract what we want.  Personally, I am in good health, I'm active in sports and my Lions club, I get to come to work each day and spend time with a great group of people whom I respect and enjoy and I am blessed in that my family is healthy and doing okay.  I choose to concentrate on all the good things coming my way and, by maintaining that focus, soon, those good things will find their way to me.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a prosperous year end and 2010.  Believe it and it will happen!

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