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As we enter this season of gratitude, joy and generosity, I thought I'd make mention of something I read recently that I felt needed to be addressed. 

61% of Realtors do not use social networking tools and sites because...get this..."IT DOESN'T BRING ME ANY BUSINESS"  Now, if you are reading this, there's a pretty good chance you fall in the other 39%.  But if there is an agent you know that is still "in the dark" and you want to help them out...please turn on the light for them! 

There was a time, long before the age of The Internet, that people would BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITHIN A COMMUNITY.  Yes, an interesting concept, I know.  Today, with all of these new online communities, does it make sense to sell every chance we get...and then be disappointed that we "didn't get any business"

This coming year, let's make a committment to spend more time thanking, caring, being human....and less time tweeting the newest listing, or starting discussions about "Realtor available in Dayton, Ohio for all your buyer needs!"  80% of our messages should be HUMAN, and 20% should be BUSINESS.  Unfortunately, 61% of agents tried the reverse formula and ended up disappointed. 

YOU are your brand.  The BEHAVIOR that you create in your online communities is your brand.  the EMOTIONAL CONNECTION is your brand.  Enter the conversation already happening in the consumer's mind. If we can get that right, the clients will come....when they are ready. 

Today, I'd like to thank:

The thousands of Realtors who have given me their time and undivided attention when I've delivered trainings to them

My clients, who have given amazing testimonials and have put food on the table for my family

My business partners, who have provided phenomenal tools and advice

Our soldiers, who have given and maintained the freedom that we so often take for granted

The teachers, for constantly challenging my kids and bringing out their best

My fellow Active Rainers, for your patience as I have launched my new business and neglected to communicate with more often in this forum

My friends and family...for...well there's not enough room here for that...

To God, who has helped me make better decisions and to learn from my not so good ones, and for always giving me challenges, but none that I can't overcome


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  And if you haven't already, please join our fanpage at Facebook.com/Branding4Realtors

Play to Win,

Coach Jig

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Very interesting post

Thanks for the tips

have a great thanksgiving


Nov 25, 2009 03:27 AM