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I can barely move I am so full! Turkey day is one of my favorite Holidays not because of the delicious pumpkin pie or the savory stuffing (that I like extra crispy)! It's a day that we can pause and give thanks for all of the wonderful things that we have in our lives. This Thanksgiving I would like to share a list of things I'm very grateful for:

1. My two Bulldogs Desi & Chloe. Snoring, snorting, smelly and all ... they make sure I never take myself too seriously. Plus it's really funny to hear a telemarketer's reaction when I tell them I have to go because my 2 "children" are fighting over a toy. I put the phone down on the desk and see how long they will listen. If you have never heard my dogs on the phone they sound like two 80-year-old asthmetic men who are trying to kill each other. It's kinda scary.

Desi & Chloe. My two ferocious Bulldogs!


3. My Northcrest Neighborhood filled with genuine, fun-loving neighbors. Since moving to Atlanta in 2002 I have lived in Mid-Town, Buckhead, Toco Hills, Chamblee, Brookhaven and Marietta. I like to move every year or so... I guess I'm restless. But I can finally say I've found "home" If you've never been to Northcrest you really should come see where all the cool people live ;-)

4. My success in 2009. This year was one of my best yeas in Real Estate. I SOLD over $7 million plus in Homes. The best part was it was so much FUN!! Every single client I had the pleasure of working with turned into my friend, really awesome. I feel so blessed that they chose me to help them sell their homes. Thanks guys :-)

5. My beautiful Mother. I think we all have some kind of opportunity in our life to experience the loss or the sickness of a loved one. For me, it is my mother. She has Parkinson's and for the longest time I was angry and in denial. However, about a year ago something shifted and I realized that her illness had created an opening in my heart, that is now filled with a compassion and allows me to connect and love her more than I ever thought possible. Every moment we spend together is precious. I am so grateful she is my mom, for those of us lucky enough to know her, she's an Angle sent by God who is teaching us to know our hearts true potential.

2009 Thanksgiving with my mom!


Gobble, Gobble.


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Mirela Monte
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Life throws us curves.  How we deal with those curves determines the ultimate destination and meaning of our Lives.

"Great men (and women) are not made; they are revealed..."

I found out I had Hashimoto disease this year.   My dentist's 3 year old son has terminal cancer.   I am lucky to have Hashimoto disease...

Your mother has been blessed.  She has you for a daughter...

Nov 27, 2009 02:01 AM