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For anyone that has been involved in real estate the last few years, whether buying, selling, renting, Realtoring, loan modifying, attempting to qualify, or working as a bartender next to the local real estate office, these have not been the most "thankful" of times.

Indeed, just learning to survive has become an almost clarion call.  So when a friend recently asked me what I was thankful for, I paused and tried hard to come up with something that was not completely contrived.

Was I thankful for my health?  (I'm not really in that great of shape anymore.)  Was I thankful for my possessions?  (I'm almost losing my shirt!)
There has got to be something I'm thankful for.
Then, after what seemed liked a very long time; a football game, a trip to the grocery store, and a drive to the office to pick up some paperwork, I opened the refrigerator door, and found "leftover's" from the Thanksgiving Day party the day before. A group of friends had thought enough to leave it there for me.
And that's when it finally hit me.  
I used to take great pleasure in my car, my possessions, and all my stuff that I don't ever really use that much, and didn't really think about other more"sentimental" things.  So now more than ever, I am "thankful" for my friends. Ok, so it only took all of Thanksgiving Day to figure it out, but at least now I have an answer.
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Mirela Monte
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"I was lamenting about having no shoes on my feet until I saw someone with no feet..."

Working for Banks doing "Cash for Keys", I have the dubious honor of kicking people out of their homes.  Having lost everything twice in my Life, I understand their pain.  When I give them the bad news, I do it with a heavy heart, a lot of respect and tears in my eyes.  Next to losing a loved one, losing one's home is the most painful thing.   When I mention this to them, almost without fail, they always agree: this is by far a lesser pain and it puts everything in the right perspective...

Material things can always be made back; people lost you can never regain.   A Life rich with Friendships and Love is worth living.  I wouldn't trade all my worldly possessions for that! 

A sense of blessedness comes from a change of heart, not from more blessings...

You're on the right track now.



Nov 26, 2009 03:55 PM