Custom Construction Timeline

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I am often asked the question- how long does it take to build?  The answer is, of course, it depends.  But here are some factors to consider.

Things that take time before you start building.  These should be completed in the fall/winter before you plan to break ground:

•1.       Do you have home plans already or do you need to consult with an architect?  Architects need to make at least one site visit to marry your home plans with the topography and views. Plans can take 1 to 3 months to complete.

•2.       Have you interviewed builders?  Having a strong relationship with your general contractor is important even if you can be on site every day and crucial if you can only visit every two or three weeks during the process.  Sometimes the builder you want already has a project lined up.  If you want to break ground in the spring you need to be interviewing a full year out.

•3.       Have you established your lending source?  Construction loans can take months to line up.

The ground thaws in April in the Methow Valley.  You will not be able to start construction until then unless you dug and poured the foundation for your home the proceeding fall. 

Depending on the complexity of your home and the size of the crew building your home, you might be able to move in before the year ends.  Due to the relaxed nature of construction crew time lines in the Methow Valley, you will most likely have an insulated home with a functioning heating system that needs the finishing touches worked on throughout the winter.

Nine months to a year from ground breaking to completion is a good projection- but don't forget to factor in the six months to a year you need to talk to your architect, secure lending, and find/ schedule your project with your builder.

What's the best way to overshoot your timeline and your budget?   By committing to do a step of the building yourself!  Unless you are a professional contractor, having your builder's crew or subcontractors wait for you to finish your piece of the puzzle is a sure delay.  With new construction, delays mean money.  You will have plenty of opportunity to work on your home after it's built!

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