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Original content by Brad Andersohn
How to Create a Blog Post for Customers and Search Engines. 

There are three important audiences to be writing for: 1. Other members and friends of your Social Networks. 2. Consumers, Subscribers, and a Target Audience of readers.  3. Search Engines.  I'm sure this is preaching to the choir, but this is important information to be shared if you want to get maximum exposure and results from your Blog posts with consumers, visitors, and with Google. Google Juice? I'll drink to that! :-)

Blogging for Customers and Search Engines correctly is a key component to a successful Blog.

Using these effective strategies and time tested methods when creating your post can make a huge difference.  The first thing when writing a post is to determine the audience you are writing for, the product or concept you're promoting, and the geographic market you are targeting.  In this scenario, we are creating a Blog post to drive readers, consumers, and search engines to your Blog which is All About Your Area.  Things like "Vacant Land", "Open Houses", "Loan Modifications", "Tax Credit", "Pest Control", "Relocation", "Market Statistics", "Short Sales", "Condos" etc.

1.  How to title a blog post: Use a title that a customer would type into Google. example: "Open Houses in Mesquite NevadaTargeting Neighborhoods and focusing on Communities are best, but you can also use City/State. Most searches by consumers always include a geographic area. example: "Vacant Land For Sale in Bend, Oregon" Don't just title your post "Vacant Land For Sale" as it probably won't get indexed to a specific location and will likely get lost in the Search Engine Abyss. (SEO abyss = page 24 of Google)

2.  Repeat the title in BOLD in the first sentence of your blog post. example: "Vacant Land For Sale in Bend, Oregon" and now priced better than ever! Build your dream home in Bend, Oregon!"  By creating the first sentence of your post to include the title and BOLD key search words, terms, or phrases, you'll increase the potential of being found and then read.  That first sentence is typically the first sentence that shows up under your TITLE within the Google search results.  It's an important part of getting the search engines to recognize your topic and see it's relative content.  It's also what will help a consumer decide if they want to click on your link or NOT!

3.  Write your blog posts to the title...then add in good content that a customer would want to know about.  It takes a bit more time to think this strategy through, but the results and rewards will be tremendous.  This in NOT the only way to gain SEO and more exposure, but it's a great place to start if you're new to Blogging and are wanting quicker results from your time and efforts here.

Creating posts and Understanding Long tail and Short tail search terms:  Short tail searches are just that, very short keyword searches. example: "Homes for sale" or "Homes For Sale Austin, Texas".  This is where most searches begin during the early stages of research by consumers.  The Long tail search comes into play the closer consumers get to making a final purchase decision. example: "Gated Community Homes For Sale With a Pool in Austin Texas"  Justin Smith explains more about Long tail/ Short tail searches in his post.  You can also find more details by searching Google for "Long tail and Short tail searches."  Here's a video that might help make heads or "tails" about this.

4.  Go through your blog post and make sure that the words of your title are repeated a minimum of at least three or four times.  At least one time every other paragraph or so.  You should also bold those keywords so they stand out to the reader and to the search engines.  You need to be somewhat creative in doing this and remember, don't over do it.

5.  Tag your blog posts with other keywords and phrases the customer may type into Google.  These should be topic related and relevant to your post. Do not try to game the search engines by packing in keywords that have nothing to do with the post, this will do more harm than good in most if not all cases.  Also make sure to include images and links to relative sites, this will create more stickiness and add value to your posts. 

Creating a Blog Post for Customers and Search engines is not that difficult once you understand some of these basic concepts and then practice and apply them on a regular basis.  This is not to say you shouldn't write about other topics both personal and business, even those can be tailored to get you better results with customers and search engines.  We tested this theory on the Fourth of July Weekend and you should see some of the results ActiveRain members experienced. It really does work.  

I hope you can use these tips on "How to Create a Blog Post for Customers and Search Engines."
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Suzy Morris
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Thanks Calina.  Really GREAT post - a lot to sink my teeth into here.

Nov 27, 2009 11:16 AM
Nathan Tutas
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Another gem to latch on to. Thanks for saharing. Have a good night.

Nov 27, 2009 11:28 AM
Eric J
Eric J - Dream Home Financing - Freehold, NJ
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This was very helpful. Thank you so much. I have been trying to optimize my web site for a while. Looking for as many tips as possible. How can I access the remainder of that video?


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Damon Gettier
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Great Blog....thanks for writing. I guess I have my home work cut out for me next week.  Thanks again!

Nov 27, 2009 11:53 AM
Doug Jones
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Nov 27, 2009 12:07 PM
Charles Stallions Real Estate Services
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Thanks for taking the time to share, I can do this much I'm sure.

Nov 27, 2009 01:47 PM
Kathleen Leonard
Alain Pinel Realtors - Sonoma, CA

Eric J - If you would like, the video is posted on YouTube, I think that the 5:33m is the video in it's entirety. If you'd like to view more videos regarding SEO, and Keyword densifying; on the Right hand view of the YouTube page, there are some more videos available, including several by the author of this featured video. Hope that helps you out Eric! If you need more assistance, just let me know! Happy Blogging

Dec 08, 2009 06:23 AM
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