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  This birds nest was found on my recent inspection in Medina, Ohio. The home was a colonial roughly 65 years old. Construction of the home is of good quality.

  When I first entered the attic I found this birds nest that was recently under construction by some hard working birds. I have in the past encountered these nest but, usually the nest is as big as a horses hay stack that can be as tall as six to eight feet. Instinctual the birds will keep stuffing the hole that they create in the gable vent (not in the Pict). They will keep stuffing the hole until the mound will reach up to touch the vent. A lot of work if you ask me. The remedy is to remove the nesting material and fix the screen that usually accompanies the gable vent.

  The antennae that is in this pic was used when analog signal was popular (rabbit ears). Instead of mounting on the roof the installer would place the antennae in the attic.

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