Phoenix is much more than a desert!

Canyon Lake in the Tonto National ForestOne of the first images that comes to mind when you hear "Phoenix, Arizona" is hot summers and 120 degree temperatures. Yes, these are documented occurrences, but the lakes surrounding Phoenix with excellent proximity offer some relief.   The lakes or reservoirs are formed by the dams built within the last 100 years on the Salt and Verde Rivers and are managed by the Salt River Project.  These reservoirs provide a means to store precious water and at the same time offer recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and camping. 


Tonto National Forest is Home to Canyon Lake

One of the lakes in the east valley is Canyon Lake which has great proximity to north east Mesa, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction and Gilbert. Canyon Lake is situated in the southwest part of the Tonto National Forest.  I receive many inquiries regarding finding waterfront homes on lakes or reservoirs such as Canyon, Saguaro, Bartlett or Roosevelt Lake.  Being in a national forest, lakeside homes are not permitted.  Canyon Lake is the smallest of the reservoir lakes consisting of 950 surface acres of water and 28 miles of shore line, and was formed by the completion of Mormon Flat Dam in 1925.   It is stocked with rainbow trout from November to March by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.  Anglers will enjoy fishing for large and small mouth bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish, trout, walleye and carp. If you grow tired of pulling a boat to the lake, you’ll want to talk to the folks at the Canyon Lake Marina.

Satellite view of Canyon Lake

Arizona Has More Boats Per Capita Than Any Other State

Fishing at Canyon LakeReally? Believe me, I want this to be true but I’m struggling to find  facts that  support this oft quoted phrase.

On June 14, 2006 the Arizona Republic wrote,  “Despite being a landlocked state, Arizona boasts the highest per capita boat ownership of any state in the U.S.”

Other websites and hard copy brochures also quote this questionable statistic.

Could Arizona have more boats than Alaska, or Washington state, or other coastal states?  What about states in the Great Lakes region?Canyon Lake Map

Well, the most solid facts I found were in an article by Judy Hedding ranks Arizona 43rd in the number of boats per capita.  A far cry from #1. We knew it was too good to be true.

Homes Near Canyon Lake

If you have a itching for water sports; fishing, water skiing, wake boarding or hydro foiling that can only be satisfied by a lake then it makes sense to look for a home close to  a reservoir or lake.  Two very desirable locations with good accessibility to Canyon and Saguaro Lakes would be northeast Mesa or Gold Canyon.  To see available homes in these areas, click on the links below:

Homes in northeast Mesa for Sale

Homes in Gold Canyon for Sale

Other features to consider in a home close to any reservoir or lake is the size of the garage or ensuring that you have a RV gate sufficiently wide for your boat.  A tandem garage will ensure adequate length for a boat and trailer.  Make sure that when you store a boat behind the RV gate, it is not in violation of CC&R’s by extending above the fence line.  Searching for a tandem and extended length garage as well as homes with a RV gate will help find homes that more easily accommodate storing a boat.

Canyon Lake in Tonto National Forest

To learn more about homes near lakes in the Phoenix area and east valley, feel free to call or tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll be glad to help.  This includes homes near Saguaro Lake, Bartlett Lake, and Lake Pleasant.