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Do you want to buy the worlds hottest pepper plant or seeds. Cause I have them, right here in NC in the piedmont !

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Lets talk peppers! Any chili heads out there? I am trying to grow from seed some Bhutt Jolokia peppers. These are the worlds hottest peppers according to the Guiness book of world records 2007. I originally purchased the plant from a greenhouse in Fl. I believe it is called Green earth nursery. Anyway My plant produced hundreds of the peppers right up to thanksgiving. It is a large bush 5 feet wide and around 4 feet tall. they are also called Naga Jolokia and the Ghost pepper. If you are interested in any seeds ,peppers or plants give me a call.  336-302-5961

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Hi Darrell, what do you do with those bad boys. 

I love peppers and put jalapenos on everything except my morning cereal but even habaneros are too hot for me to eat.

Nov 30, 2009 12:56 AM