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I've been at the real estate post mortem game early this year.  First off, I've heartily congratulated myself for having the courage to even take a look at my work this past year; then I started the dissecting process.  It didn't take much pondering to see that the first half of the year was a bomb, the second half more promising.  And that if it wasn't for the Tax Credit, I might not have had the 'surge' that I did.  Seeing where my colleagues are at; and talking to as many as possible helped fill in the market picture and my piece of it.

I'm thinking I probably don't do enough real estate chatting with other agents.  I enjoy a decent enough relationship with them, but I think we're all still a little hesitant to honestly say what's really on our minds. Crashed deals, terrified sellers, unreasonable buyers, excited first time homebuyers, the best ways to prospect, their outlook for 2010 and how to make it work.

My broker once said that if we worked as if we were going on vacation next week, our production would be outstanding.  As much as I wanted to say, "yeah sure, you try that every day" it's been a nagging thought that I can't dismiss.  And by the way, maybe he actually does this. So I'm biting the bullet and attempting it.  I'm getting into the mindset to work with a new intensity.  Trying to understand my direct contribution to my late season sales increase and duplicate it.

We've been doing some brainstorming at work and trying out some ideas to keep us sharp and targeted.  I've gotten somewhat religious about my to-do lists; they're not just filled with the necessary real estate chores.  Every day has some projects that I believe will be helpful to keep things moving, if done on a regular basis.  Every time I'm tempted to peruse the news, wander aimlessly through Facebook or do easy fill-in type work, I look at the important and untouched items on my to-do list.

I'm also trying to develop a sort of out-of body experience.  I'm starting my 2010 sales/marketing plan but looking at it fresh.  I've been asking myself the question -- if this wasn't my plan but this is someone else's and I'm critiquing it, would I think it worthwhile?  Is it pro-active enough in the right ways?  Does it correct the problems I'm prone to and the errors of the past year?  Again, if this plan was another agent's and not mine, does it sound like this plan couldn't help but be sucessful if carried out?  If I can't answer firmly in the affirmative; back to the drawing board.  This little exercise is helping to unearth the armchair quarterback and turn it on myself.

Time to stop blogging for now, as fun as it is.  I definitely find writing enjoyable and inspirational, but now it's time to continue with the fervored pace I'll need if I'm going to make the plane to Hawaii next week.


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Barbara Linick
ERA Troy, Realtors - Hollywood Park, TX

Sounds like a good plan for starting off right in the new year.  The one thing this economic slowdown has done for us is to give us time to be introspective about our business and ourselves.  Hopefully there will be rewards down the road for this time spent.

Nov 30, 2009 01:22 AM