Photographing Properties for Sale in Ulster County New York

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Before Team Ulster lists a real estate property for sale in Ulster County, we take over 100 photographs of:


  • The inside of the house. We don't stop at taking photographs of the bedrooms, kitchen, and living rooms from many angles. We also photograph the bathrooms, attic, basement, hallways, garage, fireplaces, wood stoves, the views from the windows, and any features that buyers might be interested in.


  • The outside of the house. We take photographs from all sides of the house, including close-ups and distance shots. But we don't stop there. We photograph the doorways, walkways, decks, patios, and outside structures, such as the garage, barn, and shed. We walk the land looking for special features to photograph, such as interesting topography, views, waterways, stone walls, gardens, gorgeous trees, rock outcroppings, etc.


In order to take the best photographs, you want the best lighting.  We try to take our photographs on sunny days, and shoot at a time when the sun is in the best location for photographing the house.  We may start by photographing the front of the house, then shoot inside the house, and finish at the back of the house, once the sun is shining on the backyard.


We don't just take photographs of what we see.  Often there is work to do to prepare the shot.  Sometimes items need to be removed before the photograph is taken, so that the photo has a "cleaner" look.  Blinds and curtains may need to be opened, and lights turned on, so that there is adequate lighting.  Once the photographs are taken, we return everything to its original state. 


Sometimes, one has to climb into a closet, bathtub, or shower to get a "fuller" shot.  Some shots are taken at eye level, some bending down, or standing on a chair.  Sometimes, one has to walk up a steep hill, wade across a stream, or climb on rocks to get the best shots.  We do whatever is needed to take those special photographs to show off the beauty of the property.


Occasionally, we need to reshoot a room or an outdoor scene because we are not satisfied with the photographs we took.  And if that house that we shot in the winter, has not sold by the spring, we need to go back and take new outdoor photographs.  Team Ulster takes photography very seriously!


That's just the photography part.  There is much more to do before the photographs are ready to be seen by the public.  To be continued .......

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