Old Fashioned Christmas in West Chester

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For years, 22 years to be exact, I remember this 1st weekend in December for the Old Fashioned Christmas,  SANTA on the Fire Truck parade down GAY Street in Downtown West Chester

I remember it very specifically because we would always meet friends in front of the court house every half hour on the half hour (back then we didn't have cell phones) until we were together in a group sipping our hot chocolates and visiting all the "christmas programs".  The local banks and galleries have events going on and serve refreshments like free cookies and hot apple cider and it is  just a great social time.

......and then, after the visits to the banks and galleries we would hit the bars.

That one in 1986 was particularly memorable.

My husband and his friend were tying on a good buzz at the local bar and I had a huge case of "fatigue" come over me and couldn't hang with the boys.

At the time, we lived about 10 miles west of the borough and I checked that my husband would "make it home" if I left without him because I was sooooooooo tired.

No telling when they actually got home,  but I DID Find Out the next week that I was pregnant with my first baby and that's why I couldn't hang out and had such a bad case of the sleepies.  :)

And as for the tradition continuing, there are many a picture of our toddler kids on our shoulders through the years going to see SANTA at the parade.  Now the kids are 22 and 18 so, as you can imagine, I have great memories

Do go, it is a great evening out with great activities.





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Christmas memories are so good.  The good times with good friends and family.

Nov 30, 2009 11:55 AM