Vision Real Estate’s Exclusive Referral Bonus Program for Realtors

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Vision Real Estate

feature photoVision Real Estate's Exclusive Referral Bonus Program is admittedly one of the many reasons Realtor's are joining our company.  Our program simply rewards Realtors who refer other Realtors to us.  That's right, you do not even need to be a part of our incredible company.  Now there are tons of reasons to be a part of our Team.  If you are with our company you will be vested in our 5% Referral Bonus Program after 3 years, not to mention once again enjoying where you work!

So here is how it works.  You refer a Realtor to Vision Real Estate and you will receive a 5% Referral Bonuse everytime the referred agent closes a transaction.  The 5% Referral Bonus is paid from company proceeds, it does not come out of any portion of a Team Members proceeds.  It really is that simple... their is not any diluted network marketing, multi-level marketing or other complicated formulas.  It is not based on the company being profitable either, although we do expect to be profitable.   The income potential is really limitless and if you are with Vision Real Estate we will pay you for life!

We've done the math to demonstrate the power of our Exclusive Referral Bonus Program.  We prefer to keep the earning potential realistic... feel free to to do your own math, the fact is your income potential here is limitless!



$250,000 (sales price) x 3% (commission) = $7,500 (gross commission)

 90% (commission) = $6,750 (net commission) x 5% (Referring Member Bonus) = $337.50


The referring Member would receive a Referral Bonus of $337.50 at the close of escrow in this example.

So let's say that you refer 6 Realtors to the company in your first year and these folks close 30 million in real estate per year.

$30,000.000.00 x 2.5% (average commission) = $750,000 (GCI) | $675,000 (NC) x 5% REFERRAL BONUS = $33,750 (YOU) 

Are you ready to join Idaho's "HYBRID" Brokerage? 

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