Were You Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop?

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If you were waiting for the other shoe to drop before dipping your big toe back into Myrtle Beach real estate, this is it.

A recent USAToday featured an article on second homes, and guess which destination they chose to highlight with the headline, "Second homes: Golf, sun and sand for less..." ?

There were the usual mass media mistakes, such as calling Myrtle Beach the home of the shag (that's North Myrtle Beach), and adding nonexistent apostrophes to Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island. The writer probably pronounced Horry County with the "H" sound, too.

That's okay. Rookie mistake. They got the important part right.

Myrtle Beach real estate is a bargain again. We know it. Now, thanks to USAToday, everybody knows it. The properties listed in the USAToday article are representative of the market (probably listings of the agent they interviewed) but the hot deals are right here on our website (and they're not limited to our own listings).

The other shoe has dropped. C'mon back in. The water's fine.

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