Free Foreclosure List Myrtle Beach…and Home Sales Keep Doing Their Thing!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty

NAR Reports that for the 9th straight month pending home sales have increased...what does that mean...more buyers are realizing the deals around the country and jumping in on the action. Long-term this produces what we call demand, and when demand rises, so does price, and conversely, inventory shrinks. Now, we don't see this happening in an overnight fashion, but if you saw the market report yesterday, then you would know we are starting to see average listed inventory pricing moving up slightly. That means buyers who bought in October vs. November in our area most likely got a better deal on average. So can you wait and not worry about prices jumping too much..probably, but could you have gotten a better deal buying now, MOST likely.

So you can see what i am talking about with deals, click on the link below to check out some Foreclosure deals in the myrtle beach area and give us a call or email:


(view whole foreclosure email - click here )

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