How Do You get Into The Cleanout Foreclosures Business?

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What qualities do you need to get into this business?


Training is the most important thing needed to get into the business. At we are not a franchise, we market a business opportunity requiring a one time fee of only $199.00 for the complete turnkey business startup package - which includes full training on every aspect of the business from startup through getting customers, all the documents needed to make the business look professional, and full unlimited free phone and email support after the sale.


What are the three most important things that people should know about this market before getting into the business?


Since we mainly deal with the maintenance of foreclosures, the business is as near recession proof as you can get. Obviously, the market is really huge and growing now and our business definitely increases in a recession. However, we have been in the business for over ten years and it has been relatively steady since day one.


Foreclosures are a terrible thing for anyone to have happen to them, and I truly feel for anyone going through one, but we learned early on that there was nothing we could do to stop them any more than we could stop someone from buying a home. So, we came to the realization that since foreclosures are going to continue to happen, there will always be a need some someone to maintain them and our business fills that niche.


Lastly, with the sub prime meltdown and the ever increasing unemployment in the economy today, the projected outlook for the next few years' looks like market conditions will be favorable for increased expansion and growth within this industry.


 What education, skills or licensing is necessary to be successful?


Education level does not matter, only local licensing applies, minor skills are needed but basically anyone who is no afraid of a little hard work and sometimes long hours can get into this business and be successful. Gender or age doesn't matter either as women account for a lot of new startups. Since this type of business is such a niche market and requires very specific jobs to be done a certain like our cleanoutforeclosures manual will give, is highly important in lieu of direct experience.


What are some of the issues you should expect when starting out?


In starting out in the foreclosure maintenance business, you should expect that most banks and lenders that initially give you the work will most likely want you to prove yourself in the beginning before giving you a lot of work. Sometimes that might involve doing some less than favorable jobs at first. You may even get the jobs that no one else wanted? Some banks and lenders might even have a traditional probationary period that might only let you do a certain amount of work in the beginning until they see the quality and timeliness of your work. But, after you prove yourself by working hard and getting your jobs done well and on time, you can expect more work and even more favorable and profitable jobs.


What can your opportunity offer that sets you apart from any other business opportunity?


One thing that sets us apart from most business opportunities is ease of entry, low cost, and quick startup. Since you can start this business with a truck, and some basic hand tools, and a small amount of cleaning supplies it makes it ideal for those that do not have a lot of money to spend on business startups. Likewise, the ability to get training and all the forms needed to startup for only $199.00 makes it affordable for just about anyone.


What types of marketing tools are crucial?


Definitely a computer and the internet are the most important marketing tools. Most banks and lenders require companies that want to work with them to fill out an online application for the work. Likewise, most of the work orders from the banks and lenders come directly via email. So, having a computer with internet access is a big key to obtaining and maintaining the business.


What current trends will affect the future of this market?


While cleaning out foreclosures is booming now, if in a few years the economy improves certainly the foreclosures will slow down.  But they will never stop completely. Unforeseen circumstances like divorce, job loss, catastrophic medical conditions, and even death will all cause future foreclosures. So, while business may slow down some, this type of business will always be needed.


What trend is the market today? How can startups address this trend?


The chaos and the increasing instances of the foreclosure market have created a need for more trained people to help banks and lenders manage and maintain their ever growing inventory of foreclosures. The opportunity for people to get their foot in the door and prove themselves as quality foreclosure maintenance people has never been better. Five years ago if you would have tried to break into this "niche" market you might have heard something along the lines of "Sorry we don't need you services, we already have someone doing this for us and we don't have that much inventory."  But now with the current market conditions, you'll find some of these same people actively recruiting and looking for more and more trained people to help maintain these foreclosures.


What are two challenges you have faced in this market and how did you overcome them?


Certainly any startup business is a huge initial challenge. But, I overcame that by relying on the help friends and family. I borrowed a lot of the tools I needed to start from my family and even recruited friends to help when I needed an extra set of hands. So, definitely having people you can rely on and count on, especially at the last minute is a big help.


Perhaps the hardest part was overcoming the "learning curve." Basically when I started I had to teach myself most of what I learned and/or learned it all the hard way. You all know what happens when you learn the hard way... You end up losing time and money! Hopefully, our cleanoutforeclosures manual will help those starting in the business to not have to make some of the same mistakes that I've made and save valuable time, stress, and most importantly money.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this industry?


The same as I would give to anyone starting in any industry. Any time you can, learn from someone who is successful in the business you want to get into. Obviously, if you are reading this magazine most of you have already figured that out. Having expert guidance will save you from a lot of mistakes and probably save you more money than the information itself costs. So, I urge you to take that next step and get the information you need to get started immediately! Check out

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Alexandria Virginia
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Good info.  In our Florida markets we have folks tripping over themselves to bid on the work.  I don't know how some do it for so cheap, but I guess they need any work.

Dec 02, 2009 03:32 AM