Be a Good Sport!

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Okay, I'm writing about something a little differently today for my sales meeting blog, but I believe it's a needed discussion for future gatherings with your team members.  The topic is on being a "Good Sport!"  I've always prided myself of learning to lose with dignity.  After all, you can't win all the time, and if you did, it might begin to get old sooner or later.  There's a football coach in the NFL right now, (I won't mention any names) who has had tremendous success with his team, but when he loses he can hardly shake hands with the winning coach, and quickly dashes off to his locker room to sulk.  I've been on many athletic teams over my life where people just seemed to be "poor sports."  In fact, it even carries over into our children's games where we witness the parents blaming the referee, official, coach or someone else for their child's poor performance.  So why write about this on my sales meeting / real estate blog?  First, I've been snubbed twice in the last two weeks by grown adults in my hometown.  Nothing to do with business, but I do believe the story will illustrate a needed point for our team members when I'm finished explaining my point in this blog.  Back to the snubbing, and why I'm even writing about this, is that my wife and I recently moved back to our hometown after a short stay in St. Louis last winter.  Upon moving back, we decided to explore different churches to find the place where we were being led to attend.  Our old church was nice and had good people but we did not feel this is where we should attend, so we began to visit other churches in our area.  One House of Worship was nice and we loved the people and I even had a good friend who attended there, but it was not where our hearts said yes to attend.  After visiting another church, we quickly knew this is where we should stay. 

Life is good, the people are friendly and things seem okay until about two weeks ago when I run into my friend at Wal-Mart from the church we attended several months back.  Yes, you guessed it, my friend snubbed me!  I couldn't believe it, he was downright rude to me and would hardly speak.  I knew immediately it was over our decision not to attend his church, (as he had called and visited me while we were attending) and now he simply chose to ignore me while we stood in the checkout lane side by side.  Sure, I got over it, but two days ago I was snubbed again!  This time by my (I won't mention if it was the husband or wife) former staff person.  I had to go out of my way to speak to this person and say hello, with only a brief hi and they quickly walked on by not even bothering to stop and visit.  I had not seen this person for well over a year, and that was all I got was a quick and soft spoken "hi."  I was so discouraged by both of my friend's actions that it began to bother me, and it dawned on me for the idea for this blog, "be a good sport."  It's terrible to use a church illustration for showing how two people from two different bodies of worship treated me with little or no love at all.  Jesus was all about love, and it's one of the greatest commandments He gave us. 

Here's the bottom line and what you can stress in your sales meeting:  whether it's attending church, playing a sports game or losing a real estate transaction to another competitor, be a good sport!  I've lost many of real estate transactions in my life to other agencies and still smiled and treated my former customers with dignity and graciousness.  And yes, those people probably felt and knew in their hearts they hurt me, but when they saw my good sportsman like conduct, they always came back to do business with me in the future.  And if not, hey, it's part of doing business and you can't let it bother you.  We're not going to sell everything to everybody we meet.  We can learn from our mistakes and correct problems or issues that might cause people to go elsewhere, but don't be a bad sport just because you lose out on a business deal, or a friend decides to attend church somewhere else.  Learning to be a good sport will pay big dividends for you in everything you do!


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Brian K. White
RE/MAX Alliance Group - Gilbert, AZ

Being a good sport is about character.  NOT winning or losing.  I know some people who are sore losers, but even worse are bad winners.  Bragging rights are one thing, "in your face" attitude in a victory is inexcusable.




Dec 02, 2009 03:14 AM
Retired from ActiveRain
Baker, OR

Be true to yourself.  Our actions are reflections of our true selves and speak volumes about us.  If you have a clear conscience the problem isn't yours.

Dec 02, 2009 03:46 AM
Dennis Chanski
Hebron, CT

That is so true, but sometimes it is hard to espeically when you have put everything into a client and they go somewhere else. Even though it is hard to I try not show my emotions, but sometimes a little of the frustration does slip.

Dec 02, 2009 05:26 AM