Buyer incentives to stimulate winter selling season

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Traditionally many sellers would avoid the winter months as a time frame to actively market their house.   This year we have a powerful reason to market now vs. later.  With the first time home buyer credits extended and expanded, it is important as a seller to take advantage of these incentives.  NOW!   

 Recent incentives provided a healthy lift in number of homes sold.    There was also a significant lift in "regular" houses (not foreclosure/ short sale) sold with these incentives. These incentives offered an important marketing opportunity for anyone thinking of selling.

 It's important to remember that relocations, changing family needs, economics, etc., all drive buyers to market year round and winter months can offer ample selling opportunities.  The fact is sellers can get significant exposure, because others are pulling homes off of the market for the winter season, if they are properly prepared.  Just another benefit of selling now vs. later.

 If you are going to list a home this time of year, there are some important strategies to make the winter selling season work for you.  Important factors to consider are: pricing, curb appeal, cleanliness, organization, staging, minor updates and repairs.  Remember to get professional help if you need it, because time is money in today's market.

  Whether you choose to list now or later, it's never too late to start preparing.  Proper preparation and research will allow homeowners to make the best decisions possible to ensure a quick and profitable sale.

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