Fairbanks Christmas Dinner Giveaway

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As southerners our world seems to revolve around food.  Someone gets married, we eat cake. Someone dies, we take over fried chicken and potato salad.  Have a bad day at work? A piece of pie will wash your troubles away (with milk of course).  Get promoted? Well, that's a pie moment too or ice cream, or both. In good times and bad and for every emotion, there's a caloric remedy.

Fairbanks Christmas Dinner GiveawayA few years ago in the rush of getting ready to host the mother of all holiday dinners we (since I do the shopping Kathy might say I) forgot to buy cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner.  Despite the fact that there was enough food to feed Patton's Third Army, the absence of that canned cranberry sauce was a problem.  Kathy did manage to find a couple of cans of the whole-berry cranberry sauce way back in the pantry that had been there since the dawn of time, but we're jellied cranberry sauce people and let me tell you, it was just not the same.

Imagine though, that there is no cranberry sauce of any kind, no turkey in the oven, no homemade dressing and gravy, no green bean or asparagus casserole, no sweet potato souffle.  As we move into the Christmas season we would like to step out of the kitchen for a moment and remember those who don't always have a full cupboard. Imagine a holiday without all the foods that are a very real part of the season.

Sadly, many don't have to try very hard to imagine it. According to the USDA nearly 50 million people suffer from low food security. Low Food Security.  That, of course, is a polite way of saying 50 million people struggle to put food on their table. Imagine that every person in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California did not have enough to eat. That's a lot of hungry people. While we can't feed every one of those, there is something we can do.  It's time for our 7th Annual Christmas Dinner Giveaway.  We will be giving away a Christmas Dinner Box complete with a Turkey and all the trimmings.

Do you know a friend, co-worker or neighbor that is struggling this year?  This is your chance to spread a little edible holiday cheer. How does it work?  It's easy.  Just go to Christmas Dinner Giveaway and tell us who you wish to nominate and why. Nominations will be accepted through December 13th with the winner being announced Tuesday, December 15th.  A copy of your letter will be delivered with the Christmas Dinner Box, unless you specify otherwise.

Sorry, the giveaway is open to Fairbanks area residents only... and working contact numbers are a must.  We take your privacy seriously. Your contact information and that of your nominee will not be disclosed to anyone nor you will be put on a mailing list of any kind (unless you ask to be, that is)

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