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30 Yr Mortgage Rates Hit All-Time Low & Other Housing Info

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                                       30 Yr Mortgage Rates hit all-time low & other housing info

Freddie Mac stated today that the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage average hit a new low. The 30-year average declined to 4.71% (with an average 0.7 point) for the week ending Dec. 3 from 4.78% last week. This new 30-year average is the lowest since Freddie Mac began its weekly survey in 1971. Last year, the average was 5.53%. Remember that this is the average 30- year rate, which means that many lending institutions are offering even low rates. Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac's chief economist stated, "Low mortgage rates and the cumulative decline in house prices have contributed to an extremely affordable housing market and helped spur home sales this year . . . For instance, total new and existing home sales in October were 36% higher than their January low on a seasonally adjusted, annualized rate, according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Association of Realtors."
So, there is improving news in the housing/ real estate markets. The combination of the Federal housing tax credit, low mortgage rates, lower home prices, and some improvement in consumer belief that the worst of the recession is over, has created this improvement. As we enter the Holiday season, real estate "shopping" historically cools off until after the holiday season. However, this kind of news is hopefully a fore-teller of a better 2010 housing market.
Another promising indication is that the President is finally convening a Jobs-related summit for tomorrow, and hopefully, that will addressed the major weakness in both the housing market as well as the overall economy. Let's hope that our political leaders have finally understood that joblessness is what's keeping our economy from really growing, and they will address some real solutions to that situation. Amongst my suggestions: (1) Incentives for hiring in "progressive" industries, such as alternative energy, technology, etc-- that will NOT ONLY put people back to work, but also support industries will be necessary for the US to reach the next level. As an Ecobroker, I believe that incentives in "green-related" building and renovations will boost the economy, help the joblessness situation, and make houses more sustainable for now and the future; (2) Make the joblessness challenge the #1 Economic Priority; (3) Create incentives so that progressive industries benefit by hiring people, than by the cost-savings side-effects of layoffs. Let's put America back to work again!

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Thanks, I love seeing the updates on rates.

Dec 03, 2009 02:20 AM