Any Suggestions to "Follow" on TWITTER?

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Here's my first TWITTER account - started a couple of days ago. This account will be for (real estate) news links only.

I don't know how I feel about Twitter yet. I never even thought about 'friending' strangers on Facebook, but I didn't hesitate on twitter - strange. At first, I was excited to find Ivanka Trump's Twitter (my celebrity crush). But then I realized that I'm not really interested in "sugar cookie exfoliation scrubs." I'm curious to see what Ashton Kutcher uses his Twitter for. He is apparently trying to become a 'media/marketing mogul'. I'm curious to follow the CEO of Zappos. Who else is following him - business types or shoe nuts?

It definitely is a new level of voyeurism. I think I'll stick to posting news TWEETS for now.

Can you suggest any good sources to follow?

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