Sad Story - Man thinks he's saving $45 dollars

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OMG! price vs value illustrated. A repeat & devoted client of mine decided to try a cheaper inspector for his 3rd house because it would save him $45 . I pleaded with him and warned of the risk. Well...he just sent me this e-mail and has scheduled me to re-inspect this house that he now owns with all the problems.  I feel badly for this man but maybe lesson learned.

Real Estate agents beware - This buyer is upset at his agent because he recommended this inspector.

Here's the e-mail
I have only been in this home 2 yrs and I have some seriously hazardous situations that the previous owners hid and the home inspector missed. My bathroom is sinking into the crawl space, ceiling is caving in my son's room, exposed wall behind cabinets, tuna cans in the ceiling to catch the plumbing leaks, etc.
I now regret not using Final Analysis. Please contact me ASAP for a re-inspection.
thank you, Tony B*****

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Suzy Morris
The Morris Team - Carlsbad, CA

That old saying: penny wise and pound foolish certainly applies here. 

Dec 03, 2009 10:39 PM
Al Wright
Affordable Canadian Home Inspections - Hamilton, ON
Have your inspections performed the Wright Way

I feel your pain Daniel, I had the same thing happen to me, over only a $10 difference. Good thing is to add the info from the client with his permission of course as a testimonial on your website and any other advertising

Dec 03, 2009 10:46 PM
Daniel Rogers
Final Analysis Home Inspections - Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Beach Home Inspector

So true Suzy, The thing that blows my mind is this man was thrilled with my past inspections. As it was, I still gave him a $75 discount but he still opted for the cheaper. The grass is not always greener.

Hey Al, me too, I've haggled over a few dollars with new client call ins too. But I try to hold firm and not de-value my services by price matching. I've also learned that the cheapo mentality is also the same mentality that give you headaches down the road. As a business owner we have a right to reject certain customers that can be a liability.

Dec 04, 2009 12:15 AM
David Helm
Helm Home Inspections - Bellingham, WA
Bellingham, Wa. Licensed Home Insp

I will not haggle over price.  The price I quote is the price I will inspect for.  Usually the haglers are the ones that are quick to sue.

Dec 12, 2009 09:52 AM
Daniel Rogers
Final Analysis Home Inspections - Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Beach Home Inspector

Update - Well I just reinspected this family's home. It's as bad as they say it is. The ceiling collapsed in the sons bedroom minutes before I arrived. There's absolutely no return air vent for the air handler. NONE. The interior walls are dripping with condensation, The crawlspace has been flooded for so many decades that the footings and structure is sinking. There's no attic ventilation and the roof decking is baked, soaked with water and mildew and rotting. Most of these problems could be seen by anyone yet the home inspector reported everything was great. I saw the report. It was just a checklist form downloaded from the internet. Even thta would have been OK if he documented the problems. 

I asked the buyers why they changed inspectors. They said they didn't want to but their agent said he had another inspector that was better but cheaper than me.  The buyers regret trusting their agent but have taken full responsibility for their choice.

They have sought some estimates for repairs which already are in the tens or thousands because of the structural issues.

Merry Christmas

Dec 13, 2009 03:00 AM
Lesley Burton-Dallas
Turtle Clan Global - Stratford, CT
Environmental Consultant

Hi Daniel!

Excellent post. I'm going to reblog it.

Price is not the way to choose inspectors or doctors!

Happy New Years!


Jan 06, 2010 01:06 AM
Cindy Jones
Integrity Real Estate Group - Woodbridge, VA
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It goes to show that there is a wide variance in the level of competence of inspectors of all types.  I have a client that during a recent home sale discovered a septic system that needed to be moved as it was in violation of county ordiances.  Three years before when they bought the home another inspection company said everything was okay.  Lawsuit has been filed but who knows whether they will recover any of the money they lost in moving the system. 

Jan 06, 2010 01:39 AM
Daniel Rogers
Final Analysis Home Inspections - Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Beach Home Inspector

Sure Lesley, thanks for re-blogging. Fortunately for most homes don't have catastrophic problems and they can eventually overcome what the incompetent inspectors miss.


Yes Cindy, I agree, We have no regulation or governing body for home inspectors in the state of VA. I hate bureaucracy but maybe it would sort out some of the "fly-by-nights".

Inspectors can't and don't report on septic systems much less municipal ordinances. However, they should report on its presence on the property and recommend evaluation by a septic contractor and the implications of not doing do.

Jan 06, 2010 02:37 AM