Are We Google Waving Our Valuables Goodbye?

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Searching for answers on the internet for just about everything from what to do with left-over turkey to what to do with Grandma, to where to find your most valuable asset, your home, has become commonplace and part of our everyday google language.  

In the process, are we waving our valuables and our value away?

After 97 years of being surrounded by intelligent conversation, stimulating art, and comfortable home surroundings, Elsie now lies in an assisted living bed at 3:00 in the afternoon, not wanting to eat, and surrounded by cold walls, 2 unfamiliar chairs, a foreigners bed and young attendants that are concerned about paying their bills on their minimum wages.  The outside world drives by commenting on what a nice looking assisted living they discovered from their googling friends.  Do they care that Elsie was "put there" rather than "appropriately placed" by her Realtor partnered niece who discovered a quick solution?   Who needs a local care consultant, or senior placement professional that might challenge us to take the time for appropriate, person-centered placement?  After-all, "we found it on the internet" they say. "Plus, our high school sweetheart that we met again on Facebook said it was a good place."  "We know all about senior care facilities - we have a Realtor in the family"  Really??

Driving through Elsie's neighborhood, I spot the neighbor who purchased the FSBO home down the block two years ago when the market was hot. I recalled my cringing facial expressions and my exclamation of "Your Kidding" when I heard he price they purchased the "fixer-upper".  Yes, after the neighborhood hermit who had lived in the home for over 50 years decided she could no longer manage her own safety alone, I was enlisted to sell the home.  A local painter purchased it for less than $175,000 and with some "remodeling" and once painted with some designer colors, made it quite attractive.  After learning that the price he wanted after his cosmetic fixes was higher than any professional Realtor felt comfortable with listing, the painter put up a FSBO sign. Using Craigslist & thinking they could get a better deal with purchasing from a FSBO seller, the young couple felt they had unearthed a hidden gem for the asking price of only $425,000.  As I drove by, I wondered if Google told them of the original wavy window glass and the panes that would not open, or that there was no insulation in those freshly painted walls.  Would a local inspector or a professional Realtor perhaps have helped keep those energy bills a little less and a lot more in their local savings account?

Google, Facebook friends and family, Craigslist, and even these great real estate blogs, can provide valuable insights and help.  The interent is an incredible starting point.  Whether we be an internet junkie, a doctor or lawyer, or a Realtor, I agree wholeheartedly we need to utilize all that the internet has to offer, yet at the same time let's always couple it with the utilization of common sense, and local, experienced professionals.  Elsie's family may have had professional Realtor knowledge, however, they waved goodbye to the local Portland Senior Care Placement Specialist, just as the FSBO discoverer utilized Craiglist and waved Goodbye to an experienced local Realtor with local neighborhood knowledge.

Rather than waving goodbye, perhaps together we can help keep the internet married or partnered with our local professionals, no matter if we are Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Doctors, Social Workers, or Insurance Specialists.  Isn't it still true, that no matter our professional or education, we all can benefit from the professional experience of those within our local community who have earned through lots of hard work their professional standing and reputations.  Mr. Internet .. thanks for the introduction.


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