A Supply Side Whloesaler Of REO Assets

Services for Real Estate Pros with Cherry Pick Reo's

A Supply Side Whloesaler Of REO Assets


Bulk Foreclosure Deals  has a combined team experience of over 50 plus years of real estate experience. We understand what it takes to make it in real estate.  We also understand a good opportunity when we see one.

There are a lot of companies and individuals out there claiming to have direct connections to bulk foreclosures.  We have found however that most companies & individuals making these claims are nothing more than middlemen who have no money in the game or when it comes down to closing don't provide the assets. 

The same packages seem to be emailed around the country repeatedly by these imposter's. Bulk Foreclose Deals knows how difficult it is for buyers to locate affordable and genuine packages with potential.


Why Work With Us?

Bulk Foreclosure Deals has exclusive direct relationships and access to over 10 major banks, 50 regional banks,   several asset managers, lending institutions, asset compilers and auction houses.  This results in you having access to the greatest portfolio supply in the REO industry!  We have been apart of over 3,000 properties sold in the last 18 months alone.

Most of our suppliers allow our clients to cherry pick from their lists. This works out well for our clients because they can hand pick those properties that best fit their respective business models. Many bulk resellers force their clients to purchase entire tapes (i.e. the good, the bad, and the ugly). This puts the risk squarely on the investor to do well enough on the good properties to cross subsidize the losses they will most likely take on the ugly properties.

Our clients love our business model because it aligns with their business model. The more money we help our clients make, the more repeat and referral business we get. We have happy clients that have purchased from us for years because of our core values, our bank-direct relationships, and our business model. 

Take a minute to input some basic infromation into the "Inventory Request.We look forward to making your relationship with us pleasant and profitable.  Thank you for your interest in our services.


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