How I became one of the wealthiest men in town

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(Part 1) of this series.

I don't know if Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or  Donald Trump are even aware of this investment.  I hope they invested heavily here while they created their Empires.  We all want to make a difference, we all want to have something to show for our efforts.  We all want to be remembered for our accomplishments and contributions to this world.  Would you like to be remembered for being here.

I will reveal just one of a handful of investments I recently made which has produced me and my family an unprecedented return on investment. The compounded interest alone is tremendous!  This one investment has provided me with the greatest source of wealth I could ever imagine.   Would you like to learn how to invest properly to be rich?  Sounds like a scam right?  No I won't be selling you CD's, or coaching or any other product.  I will share this absolutely free, in fact not only will you become rich as a result, but you can enrich others by sharing this one investment secret with those you know and love.  Your getting in on the ground floor and this small investment, If you invest today, will pay back dividends you never dreamed of.  Don't take a risk of not getting in now before it's too late! A small handful of investors revealed to me in confidence that they had wished they had invested in this early in their lives and they shared with me a secret that I am going to reveal to you but you must take action you must have faith in what I share with you.  This investment will change your life for the better it is 100% guaranteed.  There is risk involved though, but those that take risks get the highest returns!

But before I reveal the source of my greatest wealth I would like you to do an exercise to reveal what kind of an investor you are?  Aggressive, conservative, or passive?  Write down all of those things that are most important to you then put them down in order.

(Go get a piece of paper and take 15 minutes to write this all down)

Once you have completed this exercise then continue on.  Don't look or read beyond this point in fact cover it with a piece of paper or hand until your done.,

Lets compare our lists it should look something like this. 

•1)      God

•2)      Family

•3)      Everything else after that

If 1 and 2 are not on the top of the list then you will never create "true wealth"  everything else is temporary the first two are the most important.  Not just my opinion but it has been written.

Now here is one of the best investments you can make here on earth is  (Drum roll please)  TIME. Yes it's that simple yet it is the hardest thing for us to do. Build relationships before high rises.   Do you realize how many times you say to others (those you love) Can't you see I'm on the phone", "not now I'm busy", or "maybe tomorrow" or "I don't have time for that now" "I'll be there in a minute" and the an hour goes by, etc.... I am guilty as charged, I have said everyone of these not just hundreds but thousands of times!  What message am I conveying ?  Then I wonder why no one wants to do anything with me when I am available? I have not been nurturing relationships but slowly creating a daily wall of indifference brick by brick day by day that may take years to break down.  What is your favorite put off line?  What is it your doing that is soooo important you have to put everyone off to do!.   It took me 45 years to uncover this secret. 

The time I have spent recently with my family as a result of the down economy has been a blessing in disguise.  I was initially forced to spend more time with my family, now I willingly seeking it over other investments of my time. You know the saying "stop and smell the roses" or the song from Harry Chapin "Cats in the Cradle" comes to mind.  The returns on investment have been HUGE. 

I will share one way I have broken the ice with my teens with another investment I am trying to invest more into and that is communication with both my wife and teens.  That is in (Part 3) of this series.

(Part 2) One decision in "time" with my teens and how it's payed off so far.

(Part 3) December 5th 2009 A day I will never forget.  How I have invested in Communication with my teens.   

All opinions comments and commentary are strictly my own and do not reflect those of the entities I represent.  

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