Optimism and Diversification sparks NSA's to a an Improved 2010

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The gradual increase in my loan signing business since September ['09] has been a welcome and long awaited return.  While business is still nowhere near 2005-06 levels, a glimmer of hope has made itself known, perhaps, just in the knick of time.  The "purchase" market here, in Southern California, fueled by adjusting home prices, low interest rates and the allure of once unheard of and amazing deals has ignited Realtors, Escrow Officers and thankfully, Notary Signing Agents alike.  A rather high percentage of these have been FHA deals and although the majority are indeed purchases, a rise in the number of refinance loans being seen is also evident.   

Diversification of my business hasn't hurt things either.  While the bulk of my business continues to come from loan signings, I have seen "regular" and consistent work in all my expanded service offerings.  Those services include: Service of Process (Process Serving), Messenger Services, Photo/Occupancy Inspections and other Errand and Delivery Services.  So many of the Lenders, Mortgage Brokers and Escrow providers either left the business altogether or so greatly altered their methods of operation that my client list looks vastly different than it once did.  With the rise in mortgage loans taking place, many of those old relationships and familiar faces are re-emerging.

When your first, best destiny presents itself to you and then economic hardship hits, any movement toward a recovery is so, so sweet! I've always remained convinced that mine is a viable career but learned many lessons regarding the cycle of real estate here in Southern California.  Maintaining ethical standards, delivering upon promises and learning new skills has served us well.  Now that the economy has pulled out of its nose-dive, we are prepared to soar to new heights.

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Maia Whitaker
Superior Notary Service | Allstate Insurance - Boulder, CO
Your Trusted Notary & Insurance Advisor

Glad to hear that maintaining standards and providing quality work are serving you well.  It's always encouraging to see those fundamentals pushing the real professionals stand out from the crowd!

Best wishes in 2010!

Dec 16, 2009 02:24 PM