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So you're relocating to Cleveland? Now what?

Picking up and relocating can be a very stressful time. Often times when families relocate they are given very little time to find a place to call home. Sure, home will be in or around Cleveland but will it be North (nope, the only thing North is a Lake) East, South or West?

Relocating to Cleveland doesn't have to be so stressful. As a resident of the area for over 28 years I can point out areas that may interest you after just a short phone conversation. I lived in the Southwest Suburbs of Cleveland for all 28 years. However, I have worked in all areas of the city. As a full time Realtor I will devote my time to finding you the perfect place to call home. I will even provide you with your very own site to visit so that you can keep up with homes on the market in your selected areas!

Cleveland is a great place to live!The biggest adjustment many have to make outside of the usual not knowing where anything is would have to be the weather. It can be Sunny and 85 on the Westside while the Eastside is enjoying storms. Ah yes, and we can't forget the Lake to the north of us which produces some of the best lake effect snow anywhere! If you are moving from a warmer climate you might want to ask your employer (if that's what is bringing you here) for a clothing relocation allowance! It gets cold! You are probably thinking this sounds a bit negative but it's actually what we love so much about the city. We truly see the ups and downs of all four seasons. Everyday is different, and everyday is great.

There is always something to do in Cleveland. Whether your cup of tea is going to clubs, playing golf, or a cup of tea, I can show where to go! As you Realtor I won't only find you a home you love, I will work with you to find places you love during your time here. It's not easy to pick up and leave what you are used to and dive right into a unfamiliar place. This is why my job doesn't end when you sign paperwork.

If you are relocating to Cleveland and would like to receive the very best real estate service please contact me. I am available 24-7 by using the contact information below.

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