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Living in Capitola California

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Living in Capitola California

At four square miles in size and a population of approximately 10,000, Capitola, California - Capitola Village California Beach and Venitiansat least physically - is the smallest of the four cities in Santa Cruz County.

Capitola, California calls itself the oldest seaside resort on the Pacific, and it still retains some of its longtime prestige. When the railroad was built in the 1860s - the high trestle is visible from almost anywhere in town - the town became a fashionable watering place for the elite of San Francisco, some of whom stayed at the Capitola Hotel. Those not lucky enough to have reservations there or to own one of the ornate homes, some of which remain, vacationed on the strand in rented tents.

Back in the '50s - and even the '60s - Capitola Village was likened to a sleepy little Mediterranean fishing village. Nestled between two bluffs with the Pacific Ocean at its feet, the village seemed to bask lazily in the sunshine. But there is a spirit of independence that has pushed and guided the city's growth and development. It is that spirit that brought Capitola, California its regional shopping mall. It's that Capitola Village California Begonia Festivalsame spirit that rebuilt the 127 year-old wharf and restored the village when there were more "vacancy" signs than businesses.

The city - led by its five member City Council - retains that spirit today. Police protection is so good, in fact, that the biggest complaints involve charges of too many police officers.

Capitola, California became known as the "Begonia Capitol of the World" in the 1950s and '60s when the two largest begonia growers in the nation located here. Both are still operating in Capitola, California, although the acres of begonia fields that used to grace the city are long gone. The two Antonelli Brothers and Brown Bulb Ranch still combine to grow 99 percent of the begonias in the United States.

Capitola California's last fling with summer is the Begonia Festival, when boats and floats covered with begonias parade down the charming river that winds its way throughout Capitola Village.

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