Drilling Boom or Bust? Hydro-Fracking is a HOT topic in the Fingerlakes

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Probably the hottest environmental topic in the Fingerlakes/Central New York region right now, is Hydro-Fracking, or the process of natural gas extraction through a high pressure, horizontal drilling method.  The outcomes remain hotly debated from both sides of the table, with energy giants one one side, and landowners on the other.  It's already messy in several other areas where drilling has begun and reports are now surfacing (and have been for a while) of drinking water wells becoming contaminated by the fracking process.

For a great article in today's NY Times, click here.  Local activists in the Fingerlakes are bringing much attention to the issue via grassroots networking and "speak-out" forums where those opposed to the issue are invited to present their views.  A recent concert at the State Theatre in Ithaca was very well-attended, and public rallys continue to be staged.  But will it be enough to slow the momentum that has developed in the region in the last few years? 

Safe water is one of those things we feel "entitled" to.  What if the day comes when we can no longer take this for granted?  People, it looks like that day is here.  Start asking questions and voicing your opinion to your lawmakers and the DEC/EPA who are supposed to be regulating the industry giants who are mapping out the supply lines and the wells.  For more information go to and see how you can get involved.