How Buyers Find Your Home in the Tri Cities Washigton

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I'm often asked, during the initial presentation for a home listing, why I don't have a strong marketing presence with the local paper in the Tri Cities Washington.

The reason is because advertising in the paper is a great way for me to get buyer clients for other homes, but not to sell your home.

I can say this because statistics bear this out.

The vast majority (87%) of recent home buyers in the US say they used the internet as an information resource during their home-buying process, with nearly one-third reporting they first learned about their newly purchased home from an online source, according to a study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

The poll went further, and asked where they first learned about the home they purchased, and 34% of buyers said a real-estate agent; 32% cited the internet; 15% said from yard signs; 7% said from a friend, neighbor or relative; 7% said home builders; 3% said from a print or newspaper ad; 2% learned directly from the seller; and 1% from a home book or magazine.

First Source of Information about Home Purchased

It is imperative that the listing agent one chooses for their home's sale is both aware of these statistics as well as capable of using this information for your benefit. This means you should choose a listing agent with an aggressive internet marketing plan, one that incorporates multiple online channels.

Does the agent you are interviewing do the following?

  • Have their own web site with featured listings prominently displayed?
  • Provide well-produced vitual tours of their listings?
  • Syndicate the listings to a large number of online search portals? (Zillow, Trulia, etc)
  • Provide smart phone enhanced listings downloads for mobile users?
  • Feature the listing in their blog (or, better, mutiple blogs)?
  • Market continuously on local online channels, i.e. local Craigslist?
  • Provide dedicated web domain for their listings-


Syndication Outlets

As we can see from the poll statistics, concentrating the marketing of your home on internet outlets is critical. Most real estate agents will still utilize the traditional methods of yard signs, flyers, etc., but in the new market reality, choosing an agent who is "internet savvy" could mean the difference in getting a full-price offer on your home, and more quickly, than relying only on the traditional methods.

For More information on selling or buying your home in the Tri City real estate market, please contact Aaron Johnson the Tri City Home Team.

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