What Will it Take…

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Thats a question i believe alot of us int he real estate industry are being asked more and more...i know some of us on a daily basis. I believe it is kind of a loaded question due to the fact it has a variable equation to arrive at an answer that is variable within itself as well. Elements like Time, Motivation, and Interest (non-tangibles) play a huge role, in addition to the obvious market circumstances and finding the right buyer with the right price the seller is willing to take. I sometimes wonder if the question is asked because a seller or buyer really values our professional opinion or they just want to blame someone when it doesn't work out how we suggested. Even then more often than not it seems that whatever the professional Realtors "opinion" ended up being was not followed exactly by the client, yet then when it didn't work out as planned it is still the Realtors fault.

Such is the service focused industry...but what can we do to get passed this question? Sometimes nothing because we are who the client is supposed to trust with their guidance in a property situation, but we must disclose the fact that with so many variables that question has no definitive answer, or at the very least has a different answer at any given point in time.

What we can do however is turn it to the motivations of the seller or buyer at that given time and use market data (current data) to provide the most expert opinion for the situation. Given motivation + market data = "what it WILL take"...trust the Experts at Eagle Realty www.EagleRealtySC.com

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