The Common Theme or The need for Minimum Standards.

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A number of posts recently have underlyingly had a similar theme " The Need for Minimum Standards ". Tales of Agents lack of responses to emails, telephone calls, offers, client concerns, listing details and general public behaviour are almost a daily occurence on this site as well as less popular ones. Why? Do you work and treat your clients the same way as you would expect to be treated or even better? How do we score ourselves against other Agents and how many do we know or know of that lower our overall min. standard in our neighborhoods. With what I have read recently no wonder the general public think the average Agent comes under the ranking of a used car salesman but what can be done. My thoughts are that there are two avenues that can improve the situation and they both involve training, one thru N.A.R. and the other thru The Agents Broker. With N.A.R. up the entry level standards required to pass the exams and add an extra module to the ethics classes about min. standards of work, which could also be added to our every 4 year update. As for The Brokers they need to realize their company reputation is only as good as their worst Agent and should spend more time following up on their Agents work etc. I should point out that my Broker offers weekly one on one meetings if I require it and always stresses that he is always just a phone call away at all times. So lets all push our Brokers to make 2010 a better year for all of us and not just in monetary terms but in Standards.  

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