St. George Utah October 2009 sales stats (includes REO and short-sales stats

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Sorry to post October sales info. so late - we've honestly been very busy with our foreclosure / REO side of the business.  Buyers have continued to recognize significant opportunities available in the current market in the area.  Many of our REO listings in 2009 have had great - excellent showing and offer activity in 2009 with many selling at or above full price with multiple offers.  That is a common observation amongst the very active REO agents in the area.

Sales numbers for most of 2009 has been encouraging and October proved to be an encouraging month.  Sales #'s (153 homes) moved upwards from Septembers (143) and we saw a slight increase in the p/sq. ft. sold price (113.56) from September's figures and days on market (DOM) stay virtually the same.  Short-sales that are actually closing continues to increase and accounted for nearly 1 in every 5 sales - which is encouraging figure for homeowners and agents.

Here are the details of Octobers sales figures:

All sales (includes re-sale, REO, and short-sales):  153 homes (40.17 million sold volume); avg. list price; $277,995 / avg. sold price $267,824 (97%)/ avg. DOM =115; avg. p/ sq. ft. for solds = 113.56

REO sales (29.4% of total sales):  45 homes(13.05 million sold volume); avg. list $290,057; avg. sold = $275,859 (97%); avg. DOM = 85; avg. p/ sq. ft. for solds  = 96.26

Short-sales (17.6% of total sales):  27 homes (7.395 million sold volume); avg. list = 306,185; avg. sold = 295,800 (96%); avg. DOM = 201; avg. p/ sq. ft. for solds = 111.91

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