Where can I get info on foreclosed homes?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Our Father's Houses Realty

The best place to get information on foreclosures available for sale today is through a REALTOR who has access to the MLS.  There are hundreds of sites that promise the cutting edge info for only $19.95 per month, first month free (now give me your card number).  We have not found any of these sites to contain useful information.  Most of the houses on the site are not available for sale.  Either they're too early in the process and the homeowner is still trying to figure out how to stay in them, or it's old data - house has been foreclosed, sold, rehabbed, and is back on the market at full retail.  If you want only houses you can look at today and consider buying, a REALTOR can show you everything that's available at that moment, and give you insight on what's coming, as well.  Most banks have an email list they send out to REALTORS who ask for it to tell them what will be on the market soon.

If you're interested in foreclosed properties as a full time source of income, you can learn to search the newspapers for what will be foreclosed soon and attend the monthly tax sales to buy properties before they come available to the public. Or you could even search courthouse records for delinquency notices and approach the homeowner before they lose the house, possibly working out a short sale.  If you're that serious about it, please don't hesitate to call and pick our brain.  We're happy to help you pull comps and attend the first sale with you, free of charge.  Everyone who uses our knowledge and experience to get started ends up listing finished houses with us or referring us the buyers who don't purchase their for sale by owners, so it's well worth our time.

So don't give out your credit card number online for useless data.  Call an experienced REALTOR in your area.  If you're in upstate SC, call Dreamfinders Real Estate Group, Inc.  You can reach Ty Carey at 864-230-2070 or Heather West at 864-607-1189.

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