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Services for Real Estate Pros with 800 Zero Debt and United Credit Education Services

 I am sure you are aware that negative credit is a major problem that plagues millions of people in this country today. Without a doubt, it is the number one issue that prevents the overwhelming majority of your clients from realizing the American Dream of home ownership. We know that in the real estate and mortgage business you may have to contact dozens of prospects in order to find five to ten people whose credit is good enough to qualify for a home loan. That low percentage has been an accepted part of the business for years.

At United Credit Education Services, we have developed a process by which we work with consumers to research outdated, inaccurate and unverifiable information on their credit reports to improve their credit profiles. This service could help some of your prospects and put your company on the road to incredible growth. Imagine being able to recover potentially lost revenue from people you previously had to turn away. I'm sure you can see how this service could increase the number of transactions that you will be able to close. More importantly, this service could enable your clients to qualify for lower interest mortgages. That will make higher loan amounts affordable and enable them to buy the home that they really want.

 At UCES, we feel that by utilizing our service, your company will be able to give many people the opportunity that they are looking for. You can contact the people you have been unable to help due to credit problems and give them the chance to purchase a home or reduce their debt by refinancing.

Please give me a call for more details about our product. I will gladly show you how we can help your clients achieve their full credit potential.

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