Staging Works. Can I make a believer out of you? Sold in 25 days. :-)

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I recently staged a wonderful home that had been on the market for 9 months.  During that time, there were a lot of showings, but little feedback and not a single offer. 

The home is located in a very desirable, upscale neighborhood, where properties are still selling, but there is a lot of competition (multiple listings per street). 

In a different market I don't think there would have been a problem selling this house, but with so much to choose from, this property just wasn't catching and keeping the buyers' interest. 

A day of moving around furniture, organizing bookshelves, rearranging art work, and adding some accessories, transformed this home from wallflower to center of attention!

The seller was anxious to sell and the realtor was hanging the for sale sign in the yard while I was finishing up my staging.  The following day was open house, and a couple of weeks passed with reports of many showings, positive feedback, and lots of interest.  Finally, just 25 days after staging I received the email I was hoping for: 

The house is under contract as of today. The home inspection and the WDO inspection is this Saturday. The buyer is already preapproved for the mortgage. The closing date is set for December 4. ... Clearly the staging had an impact.

And being that things can fall apart, I held my breath and refrained from sharing this post until I received the final news:

Hi Anita,

Believe it or not, I closed on Friday. I'm officially homeless and happy. Thanks again for all your great help. I don't believe I could have done it without you.

Staging does work and it is necessary in this competitive market.  The degree of staging can be adjusted for almost every budget and any amount of staging is better than no staging at all.

A few before and after pictures:

Office Before

Office After

Great Room Before

Great Room After

Master BR Before

Master BR after

Guest BR before

Guest BR after

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B Lucas-Thrower
Staging - Interior Redesign & Home Staging - Franklin, TN
Interior Redesign and Home Staging

Beautiful job. ...... sell, sell, stage, stage.

Dec 10, 2009 05:38 AM
Lori Donegan
Ready 2 Stage - Cleveland, TN

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and your awesome success story!  Keep going--keep convincing!

Dec 12, 2009 12:56 PM

What a great story.  Another convert to staging.

Dec 14, 2009 09:32 AM
Adam Luttrell
Shift Property Styling - Honolulu, HI
Shift Property Styling - Hobart, Tasmania

Fantastic result Anita, there is nothing more satisfying for a home stager than to get the cal or email to say that it has sold in only a handful days. Well done.





Dec 25, 2009 07:03 PM
Anita Hoppenstand
A1A Home Staging LLC - Palm Coast, FL
A1A Home Staging LLC

B, Lori, Sharon, and Adam:  Thanks so much for checking out my post and for your wonderful words.  I live in a county that was the "fastest growing" in the nation and is now one of the highest with unemployment, short sales, and foreclosures.  It has been difficult to find homeowners willing to spend any money at all staging, but now after a year or so on the market and no offers they are starting to call.  They still don't want to spend any money other than the cost of staging so I am working with what they have, but it is challenging and fun.

The property featured in this post was unusual for the current conditions.  It was a divorce situation and the husband was left with the home and practically no furnishings or accessories.  No clutter issues here!  He was very willing to do whatever it took and he did believe in staging.  If only they all felt that way ...  :-)

Best wishes for a fantastic 2010.


Dec 27, 2009 12:45 AM
Cindy Bryant
Redesign Etc. Home Staging - Houston, TX
"Houston Home Staging Pros"

I missed this before, but it looks very warm and inviting!

Jul 24, 2010 03:47 PM
Anita Hoppenstand
A1A Home Staging LLC - Palm Coast, FL
A1A Home Staging LLC

Thanks Cindy.  It now seems so long ago!  It was a wonderful transformation and the owner was great fun to work with.  Since then, the listing agent has recommended me to other clients and insisted on staging for some.  It was a win-win all around.



Jul 27, 2010 08:29 AM