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Real Estate Agent with Counselor Realty, Inc.

I joined ActiveRain about two years ago and after awhile found that I was spending too much time reading the responses that Realtors, Lenders and others sent regarding the original Attention-Getting Headlines. This is one of the few times I've been back to check out ActiveRain.

Regarding the "STUPID" headline I skimmed through way too many responses. The bottom line for me is that many people tend to give their thoughts and opinions about what they want their clients to be doing at this time in this market. They forget that every neighborhood, area, state, and country is different, and there are huge differences in the needs, desires and ability of their clients to perform.

Because I'm a "depression baby" generation and have been a Realtor for 31+ years, I have seen many changes in the market, and in the attitudes of Realtors, Lenders, and Clients, as well as the advice given out. Having bought a condo in 1982 with our interest rate bought down to 18.5% with the price inflated by the builder, the rates of today seem like a bargain.

For me, the bottom line has been to have a consultation with my clients and prospective clients to find out why they themselves really want to sell or buy or get a loan and when they wish to do so. Then with my guidance (and an experienced trusted Lender) they can be given education on their options. It is up to them to make their decisions on whether to move forward or not and when and how to do so if that is what they want.  It may, or may not be a good time for them to buy or not to buy, if you consider your clients educated personal wishes and abilities.

Nancy Middleton, Keller Williams Realty, Lake Minnetonka Center, Minnesota