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Holiday home buying

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In order to get better leverage, more opportunities for buying a home, shop for a home during times when other buyers may be pre-occupied with other activities, such as a major holiday.

Anything you can do to improve your chances at getting into a home with fewer competing buyers enables you to shop without as much pressure, take advantage of not having as many or perhaps no competing offers too.

Historically, buyers and sellers delay making decisions to buy or sell until after their holiday activities are over with, once they return to work, their holiday visitors have gone home and their home decorations are put away.

In fact, for sellers it is very advantagous to have your home on the market during the holidays to take advantage of the most serious buyers, ones who may have been transferred into the area and plan to move their families in after the holidays and others who want to move their school-aged children during a holiday vacation or semester break.

As today the interest rates are at historical lows, there are fewer obstacles in your way of making a wise purchase before the bulk of the buyers who intend upon taking advantage of the first time and repeat home buyer tax credits which will expire if they are not in escrow by the end of April 2010.

You will be ahead of the game by taking advantage of any home sellers such as banks which may be very motivated to get inventories off their books by years' end.

If you are an FHA buyer, appraisal procedures will change as of Jan 1, 2010, you will see that this will insert certain delays due to the new implementations after the first of the year.

Getting your bid in on a good buy on your chosen type of home  in today's market is easier when you have more choices.

Work with a savvy agent who knows what will work when you are making an offer.

Make the comittment to hire a buyer's agent, together you can build a system of trust and understanding of what you want, and a comittment of time and research on the part of your own buyer agent will reap you their dedication and ability to become familiar with your likes and needs in a property and you will become aware of how they can provide you with exactly what in your desired price range and what  you want at the same time.

Hire experience, drive home to a winner. No more waiting endless months to find nothing at the end of the wait.

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Barbara Adams, Realtor Boise Premier Real Estate Meridian, Idaho