Florida Real Estate Foreclosure options

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If you are facing foreclosure in Florida, I have some information that may be of Interest. I have been collected and keeping notes for the past 24 months



This information is directly towards homeowners that have not made a payment for more then 2 months


  1. Keep records of each and every contact you had with the bank
  2. Including modification attempts, refinancing etc as this will help around the 12 - 15 month
  3. The single most important event is when you get served with the lawsuit ( Foreclosure ) this must be answered with 10 - 15 days from service and will extend home ownerships for an extra 30 - 120 days
  4. Your answer can be as simple as you need 60 days to hire an attorney or to answer this matter if you can afford an attorney then hire one or search Google for Information . I know many homeowners that use this and received an extra 30 - 45 days just to answer
  5. Modification is a great option to stay in your home but as we know from the data less then 5% of home owners and been granted one
  6. In My opinion the longer you can stay in your home the more options you will have to keep it!


I am not offering any legal advise, just some information from other home owners to help!

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